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General Pricing and Information

All available classes are listed on the website and can only be booked online

Seasonal Introduction to Glassblowing


In this brief 2 hour class you will learn some basics about glassblowing and the studio. You will then proceed to use the hot glass to make a project which you get to keep.


Beginning Courses

Tier 1 Student Choice:

In this class you can make any item that we offer in our Tier 1 workshops. This class is designed to provide you an opportunity to come in and make something without waiting for a particular class to show up on the schedule. It is perfect for all you glass blowing addicts out there. All the options below are available as choices for the Tier 1 Student choice class. 

Drinking Glass - $70.00
You will get to make your own drinking glass. You will get to decorate molten glass with color, shape and blow your very own glass. 

Bowls - $70.00
You get to blow and spin out your own bowl. This class helps build upon you r coloring and shaping skills.

Vases - $80.00
You get to color up and blow out your own vase. This will help you develop your coloring, reheating, and blowing skills. Additionally we introduce the use of molds for blowing the vase.

Bouquet of Flowers (4 each) - $75.00
In this class you will make a bouquet of flowers in the colors of your choice. This class will help you develop your shaping skills. It also introduces you to the process of reheating glass and color in the glory holes. 

Ornaments (3 each) - $100.00
This class will introduce you to glassblowing by coating clear glass with color, reheating in our reheating chambers and blowing into a mold to create texture on the outside. Fun for all year round!

Garden Art - $70.00
In this class you can create any one of the following: garden spike, wavy wall plate, a sun catcher, a hummingbird feeder or candle votive. You choose the colors and the piece and decorate your garden or patio with your own creation.

Snowman - $75.00
Create your own glass snowman. You will apply color to solid glass and separate the form into three snowman balls. They will add details using glass rods which could include a hat, scarf, eyes, buttons or a mouth.

Advanced Courses

Tier 2 Student Choice

This replaces all tier 2 workshops. You will select and pay for your item when you arrive..., note, if you want to make a cookie bowl in this class you will need to come in to the studio at least 3 days prior to the class to make your cookie. 

Private Events are available for groups of 6 or more, to schedule call 602-454-9342 or email [email protected]